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Monday, September 25, 2023


The Student Media Grant Program grants funds to students or recent graduates to conduct development or extension programs in the field and chronicle issues affecting conflict areas.

Student Media Grant Program Application Information

The 2023-2024 Application Period is Oct 1 - Nov 30, 2023

 Projects may be completed February - December 2024     


Proposal Format

·       No more than four pages (8.5” X 11” or A4)

·       12 point, Times New Roman font, single space

Students should submit proposals that describe their expected travel, issue(s) or problem(s) of interest, and photographic subjects or activities.

Proposals must include:

·       A cover sheet including:

o   Applicants’ personal contact details, academic year, university name and academic department. Use your academic email address. 

o   The names and contact information of at least two faculty or staff who could serve as references.  

·       Thematic focus

·       Motivation for doing this work (½ to 1 page)

·       Planned activities over a minimum 2-month period

·       Specific plans and deliverables for media (film, podcasts, photography, radio, etc.)

·       Target media for publication

·       A letter of recommendation signed by the student’s supervising professor

·       Timeline

·       Budget

Applicants are also permitted to include links to samples of their previous work in their proposals.

Submission Instructions

·       Proposals should be submitted to with “SMGP: [Name of Student, Target Country]” as the subject line. Only one proposal can be submitted per student.

Selection Criteria

·       Thematic Focus:

o   Is well thought out and provides a clear thematic focus and/or issue to be chronicled

o   Proposes innovative use of media to chronicle chosen issue

o   Has clear goal that is related to the issue

o   Is pulled from a variety of sources

·       Motivation for Work:

o   Provides at least 1 page of statement of motivation for work

o   Motivation is clearly focused in an organized and thoughtful manner

o   Information is constructed in a logical pattern to support the theme and/or issue to be chronicled

·       Planned Activities over 2 Month Period:

o   Planned activities span a two-month period

o   Provides plans for media/publication/blogging

o   Provides clear deliverables

·       Budget and Travel Plans:

o   Provides well-structured budget and requests amount under the $5000 limit

o   Provides high leverage to project with external funds (not required, but encouraged)

o   Provides clear travel dates

o   Majority of requested budget is spent conducting project in the field

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